Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Repurpose of the Soup exercise

I love it when I can make something useful even more useful. Maybe because efficiency is big for me.
I am working with a team that is in need to improve the client service response and quality. There is an internal team and a couple of vendors outsourced. Of course, the outsourced teams are the ones that deal with phone calls and ticket opening while the internal teams are the ones that actually solve the issues. Their purpose was to slow down the "noise". I suggested calling it "waste" and they seemed to connect better with that :)
While a lot of info is being collected on what the waste is and where the waste is being created, they needed a way to organize them so they could create action items for their team and for the vendors.
Circles and Soup came in my mind.

I have found this technique while back when I was looking for ideas to organize retrospectives in fun ways. But I have to admit that I haven't used it much in retrospectives. In this case, I thought this way of organizing the information might give a sense of how much the internal team has in full control and influence, what issues are lacking one of them (they need "friends" to influence)  and what is out of their control or influence.
After talking about each "waste", they  organized the stickies in the circles like this.

During the exercise, I noticed they were involved but couldn't get a sense if it was being useful to them. At the end, I was waiting to hear their comments, and feedback and I was happy to hear them saying: This was a good exercise! Looks like we have more control than we thought. Now let's plan what can WE do about it before we reach out to our "friends".

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