Wednesday, 13 February 2013

2 of my favorite tools

As a person that I have to work with all kind of people on all kind of roles, I have to come up with the right technique or tool at the right time. But just like any other handyman would tell you, there are some tools that are always with you and then there are some other tools that you know you have them but you need to go to the shed and dig down to find them.
The 2 tools that i have been using lately a lot are:
1- Ask "What is the acceptance criteria?". I am finding it amazing how many times I see a team working on a project where everyone understands the goal but very few can articulate the acceptance criteria. Sometimes, nobody. I am finding it very important to get the people to stop and understand what is that thing, that result that when reaches a specific value, we can call the project "Completed successfully". When they do stop and find this, there is usually an Aha moment and I feel my job is done

2- Circle and Soup exercise. I did write a blog before about this but I want to point it out again. It is very interesting to see how an issue is right away set to an outside circle but then when discussed and understood the actions to take, starts moving slowly toward center. It is very good to remove the "victim" stance and feel more in control and powerful on actions.

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