Monday, 15 April 2013

We are a big coloring book

In the last couple of weeks I have:

- Resigned from my current job after going through some interviews and  accepted one of the offers
- Heard the ninja song a lot of times
- Finally got a chance to take the Management 3.0, a 2 day training presented by Jason Little!
- Crashed Star Canada one evening and had dinner with some interesting people
- Went to Open Space Toronto and decided to lead a session
- Went for lunch/coffee with a lot of people that wanted to wish me farewell 
- Went for dinner with some old friends

All of this, made me meet new people and connect closer with the people I already knew.  Everyone new I met, has something new to bring in my life, something that not just will help me with what I do everyday, but also understand myself better. With everyone, I build relationships.

If we take a step back, all we do in our life is, we build relationships. I'd like to see a relationship as an outlined figure where both parties decide on the contouring and on the colors to use. I am sure that there are some people out there that do not want to have anything to do with me. We have probably outlined a difficult image and used a lot of black and blue inside. Adding some bright colors might be the next thing to do. I am also sure that there are some people out there that would like to spend more time with me, because we have painted our figure with a lot of pastel colors (do NOT add black and blue on these relationships, that's NOT the point!).
Every time we meet new people, we are faced with a new outlined figure and with options on what colors to use. Relationships are built with our family, people we work, people that prepare our coffee every morning at Tim Horton's, people we see everyday on the train, digital people we meet on Twitter or LinkedIn ....
All these relationships we have in our life, make us a big coloring book. It's up to us what figure to outline and what colors to use. Choose wisely, learn from the ones where you used black and blue, add to the ones with bright colors and your coloring book might become a great collection of beautiful figures.


  1. I like the kitty! Ardi, I guess the most important thing is to build on the relationships, environments and stories that make us grow and make us happy!

  2. You are absolutely right Andreea! Those are the pages we like to get back over and over on our coloring book!