Thursday, 4 February 2016

Need a break

I have no problem working with people that have an open mind even when the World sees them as masters of their craft.
But I need a break from :
  • Masters with big ego
  • People that are self proclaimed God(s)
  • People that see one way or highway
  • Everyone that challenges them "doesn't understand the principles" 
  • People that see imperfections on others but call their gaffs "learn from masters"
  • People stuck on pushing their idea that is not embraced by others
  • People that know it all on paper but can't get anything done on practice
  • People that don't know how to use their craft outside of 1(one) context
  • People that underplay themselves and then cry for equality of their kind (whatever can be)
  • People that respect authority and titles, not people and skills
  • People that kill motivation
  • People that like to debate and look smart by bringing "shiny" topics in conversation
  • People that aim for perfection and get nothing done 
  • People that preach about something and act the opposite
  • ...
 Stop it already and value others for what they bring, value progress, value joy, value small things, value feedback, value letting go...

Need a break

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