Monday, 10 July 2017

Signs of a Boss vs a Leader

There is a lot out there to help see the signs of someone that leads as a boss and someone that is a leader. I have found some of these signs myself when working with leaders that have powerful positions.
One sign I have found to be un-mistakenly right all the time is when they are referred as "The person at the corner office". I have seen this being the only "title" that person had for all my duration at that organization. And then I have seen the sad story where initially they are referred by name and then slowly they have been "promoted" to this new title.

It's definitely a sign that people do not believe anymore on you, your vision, your action or what you say. You have become the person that stays in this nice corner office, with a nice view of the ivory tower around you and far from the daily issues that your organization faces.
I just heard a group of people using this title for one of the leaders I was working with. It all started well. We all had open and transparent conversations. And then pressure came, tough decisions had to be made. It is there where I saw the true leaders and the ones that complied. The ones that knew the choice was tough but was the right one versus the ones that looked for a quick fix  right here right now.
Listen around. What do people call you?

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